Epic (2014-2018)

Epic Systems logo, which is the name Epic in red sans-serif.

In addition to self-editing, I also edited a large number of other writers’ release notes and manuals, including both copy editing and also giving advice on structural changes. I’ve also mentored new writers, giving them detailed feedback to help them master both our in-house style and techniques of effective technical writing.

The Marquette Tribune (2012-2014)

The Marquette Tribune logo, a T in front of a sun

Five hundred stories later1, AP Style is starting to feel second-nature. Besides editing, I also hired for and managed the copy desk as our duties grew to encompass the Marquette Journal and the Marquette Wire, Marquette Student Media’s shared site.

  1. How I estimated:

    \(57 \text{ issues per year} \times 2 \text{ years} \times 5 \text{ stories per issue} \approx 500 \text{ stories}\)